Custom Home Design

Having a home designed specifically for you is usually a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  After all, your home uniquely expresses your style, spirit and life.  It is the place where you renew, refill and celebrate family and friends.  Shouldn’t your home fulfill all of your needs, be everything you want, and be within budget? Our flat-fee custom home design process is a stress-free method that starts with the big picture and delves into the details, as we bring your thoughts to life.  We provide a 3-D walkthrough of every design and even offer a 3-D printout of your final design. 

We use several methods to exchange ideas.  Because a picture is worth a thousand words, is a fantastic resource for us.  Even if your dream home is years in the future, start saving ideas to your ideabooks now.  We also use a questionnaire to start you thinking about your new spaces and how you want them to work for you.  Lastly, there is no substitute for face-to-face conversation.  We listen and understand.

Our goal is to make the process fun and engaging. 

Check out this sample of our 3D custom home design. Let us design your house and you'll be able to walk through it before it's built!

Some benefits of working with Transforming Architecture are:

  • Flat fees – no worry about escalating costs.
  • Quick turnaround - your project on your terms.
  • Budget Conscious – we design to your budget – guaranteed.
  • Outstanding Client Service – we are architects who listen.

In addition to our architectural services, we have developed relationships with contractors in our area.  We call these contractors our Preferred Builders.  It is critical to the final outcome of your project to hire a competent contractor who trusts and respects the architect the client has chosen for their representation and expertise.  Most construction drawings are prepared with a standard level of detail, whereby a contractor will utilize typical practices and finishes to perform the work.  Clients may request more detailed drawings, if more customized practices and finishes are desired.  Your final construction drawings are legal documents which are the basis for the new construction, addition and/or remodeling.  Your decisions, in terms of the selection of the architect and contractor, and the detail of the work requested, are extremely important.


We’d like to walk you through the Residential Design Process.